Oldies but Goldies - Honey & Clover

Hachimitsu to Clover (ハチミツとクローバー, conosciuto anche con il diminutivo Hachikuro e all'estero come Honey & Clover), è un drama in undici episodi trasmesso da FujiTV durante l'inverno del 2008 nella prima serata del martedì, tratto dall'omonimo josei manga di Umino Chika.


Oldies but Goldies - Proposal daisakusen

Proposal daisakusen (プロポーズ大作戦 Puropozu daisakusen, La grande strategia per la proposta di matrimonio), conosciuto anche con il sottotitolo in inglese Operation Love, è un drama di undici episodi trasmesso nella primavera del 2007 nel prestigioso slot getsukyu di Fuji TV. L'anno successivo è stato trasmesso lo special Proposal Daisakusen SP.


Oldies but goldies- Kurosagi

Kurosagi (The Black Swindler) aired in the Spring of 2006 on private network TBS. The series, a mix of crime and romance, counts 11 episodes and was followed by a theatrical movie in 2008.

Kurosagi (Yamashita Tomohisa)'s family was destroyed by swindlers when he still was a child. As a grown up, wanting to exact revenge, he becomes a swindler himself who, however, only targets other swindlers, avenging a variety of victims who hire him. Kurosagi has an ally in Katsuragi Toshio (Yamazaki Tsutomu), who is however one of the culprits of his family's ruin. The protagonist's life changes once he meets a young law student, Yoshikawa Tsurara (Horikita Maki), who disapproves of his methods yet seems to have feelings for him.

The series is episodic in nature, and each episode focuses on one of Kurosagi's many swindles / commissions. The movie, released on March 2008, is the final chapter in which Kurosagi finally faces the tragic truth regarding his family's demise.


Kurosagi met viewers' approval, mostly thanks to the presence of idol Yamashita Tomohisa, also known as Yama P. Yamashita: a well known television face, he achieved fame the previous year thanks to Nobuta wo Produce and its theme song, Seishun Amigo. Bolstering the Kurosagi character's dark aura is the show's theme song Daite Senorita (Hold Me, Miss), sung by Yamashita himself. The song met with incredible success: it reached number one in charts and ended up as 2006's 4th most sold single in Japan, selling more than 800000 copies.


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The film's theme song is Taiyo no Namida, sung by the band NEWS, of whom Yamashita was leader until 2001. This single met with some success, but did not reach the heights of Daite Senorita.

Kurosagi is an adapatation from Natsuhara Takeshi's manga, published in 20 volumes between 2003 and 2008. A second series is currently being published, Shin Kurosagi (New Black Swindler).


Oldies but Goldies – Orange Days

Orange Days (Orenji deizu オレンジデイズ), is an 11-episode series aired in Spring 2004 on TBS, on the prime time Sunday slot. It was met with viewer approval, raking in over 17% shares.


Oldies but Goldies – My Boss My Hero

My Boss My Hero (マイ★ボス マイ★ヒーロー) is a school comedy, aired by NTV in summer 2006, on prime time Saturday. Its ten episodes averaged an 18,9% share overall.


Oldies but Goldies - Tiger & Dragon

Cosa succede se il regista e sceneggiatore Kudō Kankurō mette insieme rakugo, yakuza e due attori idol?


Oldies but goldies - GTO

La rubrica Oldies but goldies oggi tratta un titolo molto conosciuto, GTO ovvero Great Teacher Onizuka!


Oldies but goldies- Bloody Monday

Today, on Oldies but Goldies, a suspense-filled drama, Bloody Monday.


Oldies but goldies - Gokusen

Anche questa settimana la rubrica Oldies but goldies si occupa di un drama di ambientazione scolastica, tratto da un manga, in cui compare un giovane cast maschile molto numeroso. A caratterizzarlo però è la protagonista, una professoressa... yakuza!


Oldies but goldies - Hanazakari no kimitachi e / Ikemen Paradise

La rubrica Oldies but goldies oggi torna su temi molto più leggeri con un drama uscito da uno shōjo manga, una vera e propria fantasia per ragazzine: Hanakimi.