Collaborating with NipPop:

Elena Tessari

Elena Tessari is a graduate from Ca'Foscari in Classics, with a thesis on Dazai Osamu. A future literary translator involved with fansubs of doramas, she is particularly interested in gender issues and the intermedia aspect of the past-present relationship. Her favorite Japanese authors are any and all 'outcasts' of modern Japan's culture, and a variety of up and coming writers.

Stefania Viol

She is a graduate from Ca'Foscari, specializing in modern culture with a thesis on visual kei. She is mostly interested in Japanese pop culture and subcultures, as well as issues such as gender depiction. She loves Japanese music, and she is a volunteer translator for the multi-language web site musicJAPANplus.

Elisa Zanolli

Cosplayer since 2008, she is a graduate in Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Bologna, with a thesis on Japan's pop culture and cosplay. She is currently specializing in Japanese Language and Culture at the University of Ca'Foscari in Venice.

Stefania Viti

A professional reporter, she shares her time between Italy and Japan, where she lived for over ten years. She is a graduate in Japanese Literature and Language from Ca'Foscari in Venice, and is fluent in English and Japanese. She is interested in social issues, fashion, culture and politics of contemporary Japan. Her work has been published in Il Messaggero,, D la Repubblica delle Donne, L'Espresso, Limes, GQ, The Japan Times, East and other national and international magazines. She curated the program “+8. Racconti da Tokyo' for Repubblica TV. From 2008 to 2010 she was editor for the Japanese magazine 'amarena'. As a Press and Communication Director, she curates events such as San Marino Anime Live and the Milano Manga Festival.

Alice Comi

Born in Firenze in 1986, she began studying Japanese at 15. In 2010, following a year at the University of Tsukuba as a Monbusho bursary, she graduates in Asian Languages and Literature at Ca'Foscari, Venezia. Since 2011 she lives in Kanagawa and works for a logistics firm in Tokyo. A fan of anime and manga, since 2004 she occasionally works as a freelance translator, into Italian and English. She is interested in Internet Slang, language trends, and the evolution of spoken Japanese.

Lorenzo Mazzoni

Born in Firenze in 1988 and fascinated by Japanese culture from the very start - folklore and traditional arts in particular - he graduates from he University of Bologna, in the Asian Languages, Markets and Culture department, with a thesis on homoerotic subcultures of contemporary Japan. He collaborated with OnoArte for the Sognando Incubo event, lecturing on alienation and self-understanding in the Japanese metropolis. He is author of the Promenade-au-Japon blog, where he writes on socio-literary trends, and he lives in Bordeaux while working in the international trade sector as an export manager for the Japanese wine market.

Laura Mugnai

Studying Cinema, Television and Multimedia Production in Bologna, she is also a graduate of DAMS with a thesis on the reception of Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon. She is also interested in video games, Japanese language and cultures of Asia.

Francesco Minucci

Born in Napoli in 1991, since his youth he had a keen interest in cinema, soon discovering a passion for Asian and Japanese films. He graduated in Asian Languages, Markets and Cultures, with a thesis on psychoanalysis in Japan and the methodological impact of 'nihonjinron' (theories on the Japanese) upon essentialism. He is currently specializing in Asian and Mediterranean African Languages, Societies and Cultures at Università Ca'Foscari in Venezia.

Elena Bartolucci

Born in Morciano di Romagna in 1982, at the age of 11 she moves to Bologna to study in the department of Foreign Languages and Literature. Her passion is language and all that is 'creative' within culture. She is specialized in English, but she also has a keen interest in Japanese, developed by watching anime, collecting manga and playing video games. She is also interested in Japanese art history. She is currently researching for a Masters thesis on Italian candidates to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list, and she works on 'Progetto Portici' thanks to a partnership between Bologna and the University of Ferrara.

Alessio Melis

Born in Cagliari in 1984. He is a fan of manga and animation from an early age, and is a graduate from the University of Bologna, having worked on a thesis on doujinshi and the Japanese publishing market. He is active in the Japanese events circuit, including NipPop, as well as events in the wine and food sector.

Luca B Fornaroli

A business consultant malgré lui, for over fifty years he hoped to become something else, all the while drinking and eating the pain away. Achieving – surprisingly – a BA in 'Politics and International Relations' in London, he knows next to nothing about Japan but he is an avid reader of politics, economy, management, art, novels – and he is also a sake lover. His work involves ethics and aesthetics in the business field, earning himself notoriety as a less than sane individual. He considers himself the living expert on what not to say while drinking a Martini Cocktail. He hates self-irony.

Domenico Maria D'Adamo

Born in Brindisi in 1995, he's been interested since a while ago in contemporary Japanese culture, as well as literature and folklore. An avid reader and collector of manga, film and anime, he also has a passion for creative writing. Being awarded a place in the Premio Università IULM's anthology for the Subway-Letterature 2013 competition, he now studies Foreign Languages and Literature in Bologna.

Cristiano Montanari

Cristiano Montanari (1985) is a PhD in History of Art, a published poetry / fiction author in both Italian and English, and translator of the NipPop web site. He is passionate about all that is Japanese, in particular Japanese mystery fiction and the doujin world. His personal blog, where everything from doujinshi reviews to musings on creative writing might be found, is

Martina Bagno

In love with Japan since her childhood, she earned a degree in Asian Languages and Culture at Ca'Foscari in 2007. After a few years of 'forced' distance from the Japanese world, in 2013 she is back to university and working toward a Classics Master at Ca'Foscari. As an aspiring literature translator, she tries to join her passion for Japan's pop culture with her passion for Heian era literature.