The Association

NipPop is a project focusing on contemporary Japan, and we are particularly interested in those phenomena that help sharing Japan's culture around the world – manga, anime, literature, music, TV, cinema. Through its many activities, the association hopes to stimulate a debate around the many aspect of Japan's pop culture's global reach, valuing interplay with the local and the territory, such as Bologna's Japanese community and the many cultural associations and businesses.

Building on the experience gained in the various years through many enthusiastically received events (Sognandoincubo, Immagini dal Giappone, CineMaki, and NipPop: Parole e Forme da Tokyo a Bologna, now in its fourth edition), the Association aims to:

  • Organize and promote events, meetings, workshops, initiatives on Japan in collaboration with world renowned experts, academics and artists; organize live concerts of Japanese music; photo and art exhibits; film and documentary festivals; cosplay competitions.
  • Share online all materials produced along with the advertised events, and other useful info on Japan and its culture.
  • Publishing of related catalogs and materials under the NipPop brand. The Association also seeks to organize exchanges with other cultural associations, on a national and global scale.

Associazione Culturale NipPop
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via Chiudare 9
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