Paola Scrolavezza

Paola Scrolavezza is a translator, critic and professor of Japanese Literature at the University of Bologna. She is interested in modern and contemporary women literature, as well as genre literature, thriller and SF. She has translated two novels by Higashino Keigo (La Seconda Vita di Naoko, Baldini, Castoldi &Dalai, 2006; Il Segreto del Lago, Baldini, Castoldi &Dalai, 2007); Ogawa Yoko's Profumo di Ghiaccio (Il Saggiatore, 2009); Hayashi Fumiko's Lampi (Marsilio, 2011). She authored, along with Luisa Bienati, La narrativa giapponese moderna e contemporanea (Marsilio, 2009), and with Maria Roberta Novielli Lo schermo scritto. Letteratura e cinema in Giappone (Cafoscarina, 2012). In fall 2009 she curated in Bologna Bodytracing: la traccia del femminile nel corpo della metropoli, a calendar of events dedicated to contemporary Japanese women literature, and since 2011 she curates NipPop, an annual event on Japan's subcultures, sponsored by the University of Bologna.

Francesco E.Barbieri

Francesco Barbieri earned a PhD in Comparative Literature at the University of Bologna, and now lives in Tokyo where he is a Postdoctoral Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) at the Institute of Global Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. A fan of Japanese literature and culture, he is particularly interested in the relationship between literature, globalization and the publishing market in Japan. He has been organizing events on Japanese culture and literature for many years, and helped coordinating NipPop since its very first edition.

Federica Cavazzuti

Federica Cavazzuti was born in Modena in 1988. A fan of Japanese culture and visual arts, she earned a degree in 'Modern Foreign Languages and Literature' at the University of Bologna, with a thesis on outsider women artists in postwar Japan. She then earned a master at Ca'Foscari, Venezia, in 'Modern and Contemporary Japan'. While collaborating with many Italian and foreign art institutions, she begins in 2013 a Master in London's SOAS, researching contemporary art of Asia and Africa. She is part of NipPop's staff since 2013.

Giuseppe Gervasio

Giuseppe Gervasio is a professional Japanese and English translator, and the first Japanese language member admitted into Assointerpreti. He is a graduate in Oriental Language and Literature with the Università di Venezia, and in Japanese Language and Culture with the University of Tsukuba. With more than fifteen years of experience, his practice covers many fields, from art to pharmacy, sports cars, fashion, as well as international diplomatic summits. Seeking to bridge Italy and Japan through his love for the latter's language, he has found in NipPop a chance for a genuine exchange between the two cultural realities.

Francesca Scotti

Francesca Scotti (1981) was born in Milano. After earning her diploma at the Conservatory and a degree in Law, she debuted in 2011 with the short story collection Qualcosa di Simile (Italic), winning the Premio Fucini and ranking in the Premio Lussu Città di Offida. The book was adapted into a short film, directed by Alessandra Pescetta. She collaborates with, publishers of La Casa dei Santi, O barra O edizioni e Radio Popolare. L'Origine della Distanza (Terre di Mezzo Editore, 2013) is her latest work. She currently shares her time between Italy and Japan. You can find her here on Facebook, as @framirtilli o Twitter, and her site is

Tania Sarti

Holding a lifelong fascination for Japan's traditions and culture, including animation and literature, Tania Sarti earned a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Bologna with a thesis on German / Japanese comparative literature. She is currently specializing in Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, and has undertaken study abroad at the Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin. She is particularly interested in visual communication, material culture, and the hybridization in neo-pop trends (anime, manga, design, art); as well as folklore and mythology. She collaborates with NipPop since 2013.

Andrea Funaro

Born in 1991, he first encountered Japanese culture through Final Fantasy, of which he is a fan. Fascinated by Japan's pop culture, he is interested in animation, music (indie, pop and j-hip hop). Tech addicted and social enthusiast, he tweets in Japanese as @AndreaFunaro. He is a graduate of the University of Bologna's Foreign Languages and Literature department.

Davide Maggio

Born in Firenze in 1993, he encounters Japanese culture through a Cartoon Network animated production on two Japanese rock stars; then, through the partnership between Disney and Square Enix. He is currently a student in the University of Bologna's Languages, Markets and Cultures of Asia department.

Filippo Gabrielli

A student of Asian Languages, Markets and Cultures, as a child he falls in love with Japanese animation, as seen on Italian tv. As he grew up he got to know better the world of Japan's pop culture thanks to manga and video games, losing himself in daydreams of becoming, one day, a dark wizard.

Chiara Fumagalli
Born in Brianza but bolognese by adoption, she loves everything at the bordeline between dream and reality, pop and kawaii. After having spent her childhood watching Pollon and Cat's Eye, she is attracted to the world of manga during high school and starts copying the drawings. Thanks to a university course in history of contemporary art, she deepens her knowledge of the Land of the Rising Sun and decides to conclude her studies with a thesis on the photographer Miwa Yanagi, the artist choosen for the Biennal of Venice in 2009. Other than opening a Japanese photo gallery, she dreams of travelling through all Japan chansing sakura and collecting ukiyo-e prints.

Enrica Fiacchi

A student of Asian Languages, Markets and Cultures, as a child is attracted by the Land of Rising Sun. After a trip to Tokyo, she realizes that studying japanese is the right path to follow. Manga, anime, Nintendo videogames lover, she can't help drawing comics and dreaming of becoming a mangaka.