Japanese Heels - Lacerazioni: riflessioni su 'Occhi nella notte' di Yamada Eimi

Pensieri, parole, visioni, fragili come i più sottili e slanciati dei tacchi a spillo. Una rubrica firmata M.me Red.


È il 1985 quando esce Beddo taimu aizu (Occhi nella notte) di Yamada Eimi (1959-).


Japanese Heels - The iconoclasm of the present: digressions on Murakami Ryū

Thoughts, words, visions frail as the thinner of the heels. A column by M.me Red.

It wasn't the rumbling of a plane. It was the buzzing of a bug hovering behind my ear. Smaller than a fly, the bug wandered before my eyes for a bit, then disappeared in a corner of the dark room. On the white, round table that reflects the light from the ceiling there is a glass ashtray. Inside it a thin cigarette, smudged with lipstick, burns away. On the edge of the table there is a pear shaped wine bottle; on the label is a blonde woman with some grape in her hand, and she's filling her mouth with it. Even the trembling surface of the wine inside the glass reflects the red light from the ceiling. The table's legs disappear in the thick rug. Before me is a huge mirror. The woman seated seated in front of it has her back covered in sweat. (Murakami Ryū, Almost Transparent Blue, incipit). 


Japanese Heels: the silent scrim: Zangyakuki by Kirino Natsuo

Thoughts, words, visions, fragile as the thinnest heel. A column by M.me Red.

The color of m.me Red is certainly red, but not just any red: that darker hue with a touch of noir. A color that fits well one of my favorite authors, Natuso Kirino – who was named by Daisuke Hashimoto 'the one, true innovative voice in Japanese literature in the past 20 years' – and one of her greatest successes, A Cruel Story.