A column all about Visual Kei, edited by Stefania Viol.

ViViD will disband. This shocking piece of news was announced late January, stunning not only the band's fans, but all fans of Visual Kei alike. While it's not unusual for minor bands to come and go, no one could imagine that such a big time player as ViViD could suffer the same fate. 

The band got off to a blazing start: founded in March 2009 and stabilizing around the current lineup a month later, earned a n°2 spot on the Oricon chart with its indie single Take-off. The core of their music is what the artists themselves branded 'Melodix Mixture Rock', a rock music that includes elements from other genres, creating a novel and fresh mix that conquered the hearts of many fans: in January 2011 ViVid debuts with Epic Records Japan with the single [Yume] – mugen no kanata – and performs at the Nippon Budokan a year later. What follows is a string of successful singles and albums that keep the band firmly within Japan's Top 10. Their popularity goes beyond Japan: in 2010 ViViD plays a gig at Paris' Japan EXPO, and in 2011 their first Asian tour takes place. A successful band under all aspects.

This is what makes all the more surprising the shock announcement that appeared on their official site on January 28:

ViViD, active since 19 April 2009, will end their career following April 29's concert at the Pacifico Yokohama Kokuritsu Hall.

We are deeply sorry for the grief and sadness the news will bring to all fans and staff.

Our heartfelt thanks go those who supported us in our six years of activity.

We wish to express our gratitude through our music, up until the day of our final concert. Please support us until then.



No reason has been given for the drastic choice, making it even harder for fans to accept that this fantastic band will soon cease to produce music. What we can be sure of is that the band's love toward its fans is unchanged, and will find its final expression in the 'ViViD LIVE TOUR 2015 THE BEGINNING of THE END: CROSSING OF THE DREAM' national tour , which will take the band to its loyal fans in 15 different cities across Japan. The band's front man Shin says it best: 'Until the curtain falls, I will keep singing for those who loyally supported us so far'.


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