Marriage in Japan, Flash Mob style

Flash Mobs are a peculiar kind of event, first seen in Europe and the US about 15 years ago. At first, they were collective performances mainly aimed at advertising this or that product: in Japan, they have become a form of entertaiment in which people of all ages take part. 

Marriage proposal flash mobs have become particularly popular, and there are agencies dedicated to arranging such events down to the tiniest details. One of these is Emotion Rise, founded three years ago in Osaka and now also in Tokyo, Nagoya nd Fukuoka.

The company receives about 500 requests per year from clients in Japan and abroad; about 30% are requests for public marriage proposal flash mobs.

The agency offers a range of options, costing from ¥250.000 all the way to various millions: a ¥500.000 package, for example, includes rent for public soil, dancers, dance classes for the client, a video and a helicopter ride for the couple.

The question is, why so many people are willing to spent exorbitant amounts for an event that lasts only a few minutes? expert Mihoko Nishii responds: young people might no longer be interested in expensive goods, but they are more than willing to part with their money when it comes to making memories that will last a lifetime.

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