NipPop takes you to an exclusive “PINK=FLORID” event: a live report of DECAYS concert!

Around this time of the year the streets of Tokyo take the hues of cherry blossoms, but on April 9 it's another kind of pink that rules: that of the 'PINK=FLORID' tour by DECAYS, the band helmed by Die (DIR EN GREY's guitarist) and Kashiyama Kei (MOON CHILD), back in Tokyo after almost four months. 

The event has gathered a crowd at the Shinjuku ReNY, along with NipPop's own reporters... you want to know more about the evening? Here it is!

The concert was a thorough success. Although the band has released just one seven songs EP (RED or Maryam, December 2015), a variety of new material was presented on stage, giving the fans an intense and sufficiently 'meaty' experience. The concert opened with two unreleased songs: Aesthetics of the Transgression and Zero Paradise, groovy pieces that succeeded in warming up the crowd. NOVA SPIRAL and Dry followed, two songs from the EP. The came three new unreleased tracks, including what proved to be a likely future hit: Kireina yubi 綺麗な指 stood out, especially thanks to Die's amazing guitar solo.

During a short interval Die personally thanked the fans for showing up, and introduced the other band members. Then DECAYS performed some of their more melodic material, including Veludo no Tori ビロードの鳥 (available on the band's new single, sold only on the previous tour), a ballad that clearly takes inspiration from traditional Japanese music. A violin solo by Ayasa bridges to the two following songs, beautiful and after beautiful, two melodic and emotional pieces that left the crowd speechless.

An interlude by DJ Chidony takes the concert back to groovier roots, mixing new tracks like Boon companion and already released songs such as Secret mode, the band's first hit. Closing the concert was D D, an adrenaline shot in form of a song.

Demanded loudly by the public, the encore featured an acoustic rendition of Red tide from Red or Maryam and, closing the concert on a more energetic note, Where are you going? And Rana from Future Boy.

The concert established DECAYS as a band to keep an eye on, a collective of skilled musicians that can clearly bank in on their many years of experience. Key was the assistance of violinist Ayase and guitarist Nakamura Ataru, whose presence allowed the band to play around with new arrangements of previously released songs and future hits alike. It's almost difficult to believe that DECAYS was founded that little ago, and we can't help but hope to see them again on stage.



1. Aesthetics of the transgression

2. Zero Paradise




4. Dry

5. Kireina Yubi

6. Emotion in Motion

7. Imprisonment Leaving


8. Veludo no Tori

Violin solo

9. beautiful

10. after beautiful


11. Boon Companion

12. ケセラセラ (Que sera sera)

13. Secret mode

14. 愛と哀れを遺さず・・・ (Ai to aware wo nokosazu...)

15. D D



16. Red tide


17. Where are you going?

18. ラナ ~from Future Boy (Rana from Future Boy )

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